The safety of our employees and clients is still our top priority which is why we have implemented a few new procedures.

  • We will only be accepting payments electronically by credit card. NO CASH OR CHECKS. Gratuity is gladly accepted by phone.
  • To avoid contact upon arrival, all stylists will arrive wearing masks and gloves.
  • Pets must be leashed and ready for hand off upon our arrival. Stylists will not enter the home or apartment by any means. Stylists will accept the leash using a gloved hand. We will call or text when we arrive on site.
  • If you live in a high rise or apartment, you must bring the pet down to meet the stylist. Stylists will not use stairs, elevators, or go up to an apartment door.
  • Cats will ONLY be accepted if you can provide a cat carrier. We will not accept a human to human transfer of a cat.
*Those that cannot provide cat carriers or leashes will not be scheduled. If we arrive to an appointment and cat carriers or leashes are not available, we will cancel on site and charge a $25 cancellation fee.
Our employees will be complying with the CDC safety procedures recommended for essential business. If you have questions regarding any of the above, please call 972-243-8331 or email