Diseases Spread Through Dog Waste

While owning a dog brings love and joy into your family’s home, their waste can spread disease. Going to the dog park or visiting a friend’s yard can bring your pup into harm’s way, as dogs love to sniff and roll in dog waste. Keeping your yard clean with a dog poop service in Dallas is a great way to keep your furry friend healthy. If you are unaware about the types of disease that can spread through dog waste, read on.


Hookworms are dangerous for your pet and they harbor in dog feces. These blood suckers suck up your dog’s intestinal tissue and can cause your pup to have anemia and acute inflammation. Keep your dog safe from hookworms by using a pet waste removal service in your area.


Parvovirus is a dangerous disease that can be spread to your dog through dog feces. Young puppies are especially susceptible to Parvovirus, often called Parvo. If your dog ingests this virus through the mouth, it will attack your dog’s intestinal tract. This virus makes it difficult, if not impossible, for your dog to absorb the nutrients he or she needs to survive. In a worse case scenario, your dog can pass away due to severe diarrhea and vomiting. The virus can also lead to heart failure. Cleaning up dog poop near your home or where your dog spends time is a great way to prevent your dog from contracting the parvovirus.


These parasites cause your dogs and cats to get a bad case of diarrhea. The worst part about giardia is that it can be hard to diagnose and treat. The best thing you can do for your animals to keep your yard, and other yards they play in, free of pet waste.
If you are looking to keep your dog out of harm’s way, call EZ Petcare at (888) 613-1320. We are happy to come to your home, or a friend’s, to pick up pet waste and remove it from the yard so you do not have to.

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