Professional Groomer at Your Doorstep

Cage Free. Temperature Controlled. Sanitized. Self Contained

With the Pet Love mobile pet grooming setup, your dog or cat will have one-on-one attention from the groomer and have reduced stress about going far from home to get bathed and brushed. You will also have added convenience of grooming services at your door without compromising professional quality.

Pet Love Mobile Salons eliminate the mess and ensure that your furry friend is comfortable and safe. In the care of our salons, your pet can also have nails safely trimmed, ears cleaned, and teeth brushed. All grooming products are carefully selected to care for your pet’s skin and coat while leaving behind a fresh, clean scent.

Pet Love Mobile Salons

We are committed to providing the best grooming service at the convenience of your front door. Our complete service is performed in our fully self-contained Mobile Grooming Salons. Pet Love has more than 50 mobile salons and each one is designed with your pets safety and comfort in mind.
Pet Love Mobile Salons

• Adjustable Grooming Tables
• Cage FREE Environment
• Temperature Controlled Vans
• Heated Water System
• Vacuums & Sanitization Equipment
• Self-Contained Super Sudser System
• Highest Quality Grooming Products
• Generators Available (additional cost)


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