Happy (Healthy) Cat Month – September

When is the last time you thought “is my cat happy?” Most people are under the impression that cats are self-sufficient and don’t need much to be content. This is not the case. Cats are social animals that need just about the same amount of attention as dogs. They show appreciation differently and the attention that they need may not always be in the form of physical contact.

The month of September has been dubbed Happy Cat Month by the CATalyst Council to help spread awareness and education about the health, welfare, and importance of companion cats.

Here some ways that you can keep your cat happy this month (and throughout the year).
  • Provide a safe place to eat. Cats are natural hunters and feel vulnerable when eating. To help prevent vulnerability, place their food bowls away from the wall to give them some space. If dogs share the home, put their bowls on a counter or designated feeding table. Cats stress if they feel they are unable to safely eat or drink.
  • Provide a clean litter box. Cats are also vulnerable when using their litter boxes which is why they should be in a safe, easily accessible place. It is recommended that litter boxes are scooped daily, especially for multiple cat homes.
  • Provide cat toys for play time. Not only are they having fun, but they are always getting the mental and physical stimulation needed to promote health and happiness. Also set aside some personal time for interacting and playing with your cat.
  • Keep your cat lean and fit. Keep track of your cat’s food and make sure they are getting actual nutrition and not just fillers. It is also imperative to provide opportunities for exercise, such as interactive toys. Overweight cats are much more susceptible to illnesses, such as diabetes.
  • Provide places for your cat to get high and low. Cats love to hide and explore. Cats often climb trees to survey the territory or hide as prey. Providing tall cat trees or empty tops of cabinets, allows them to meet these instinctive needs.
  • If your cat loves going outside, consider providing them with a “catio.” A catio is a safe place outside (often a patio) where they are free to hang out unsupervised.
  • Regular visits to the vet. As we all know, a healthy cat is a happy cat. 😊


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