Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs – August 1st

Did you know August 1st is the Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs?

If you’ve ever walked through a shelter, you’ve seen the sad looks on the faces of those precious pups. Shelter dogs do not always come with a lot of history, so their date of birth is often unknown. Veterinarians are able to estimate their age which is great for health reasons, but they are unable to estimate their exact birthday. For those of us that like to celebrate our pet’s birthdays, this posed as a “problem” when adopting a shelter pet. Luckily, North Shore Animal League came up with a solution. They dubbed DOGust 1st as the Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs. This way, shelters and adoptive parents can celebrate their sweet pooches’ special day!

What You Can Do to Participate

  • Volunteer at your local shelter.
  • Throw your adopted pet a birthday party.
  • ADOPT a shelter dog!

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