Terms of Service


All customers will be required to agree to our terms of service before the beginning of their first grooming appointment. Failure to do so will result in loss of appointment. The signer of our terms of service will be treated as the “pet parent” and “owner” for our following terms.


We strive to be on time and appreciate your assistance keeping us on time as well. As we are mobile and working with live animals, weather and traffic, all appointment times are an estimate and include a plus or minus 45-minute window. We cannot guarantee appointment times under any circumstances. This travel window is to allow our stylists an extra few minutes finishing an elderly pet, a nervous pet, accommodating traffic incidents, weather patterns, etc. We request the client be available for this window and are always willing to provide a call or text on the way to give you an estimated arrival time.
We request clients be home and prepared to collect the pet for grooming to minimize delays. If we cannot contact you when we arrive on site, we can only wait 15 minutes before moving to our next appointment, to maintain a timely schedule. If we are running beyond our window we will do our best to keep you informed and offer other solutions to meet your timing needs.
Please allow anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours to groom each of your pets depending on size and coat thickness. We request you are available to collect the pet after our visit or have provided necessary instructions for the collection of the pet to avoid delays to our next appointment. If we cannot make immediate contact with you at the conclusion of an appointment, we will charge $1/minute for babysitting fees (after a ten-minute window) to maintain as timely a schedule as possible.
Your pet should be well hydrated and have had an opportunity to relive itself before being asked to stand for grooming.

Reschedule and Cancellations
We ask all clients to provide a window of at least four business hours, should you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment, to avoid a minimal cancellation fee of $25 with $10 for each additional pet. A voicemail message after phone hours is sufficient, should an emergency arise.


Please confirm appointments in a timely manner when you receive the auto text, email or phone call (approximately 2 days before appointment). Appointments that have still not been confirmed within 2 hours of their appointment time will be contacted by phone (even if chosen method is email or text). If we still cannot confirm the appointment at this time, the company reserves the right to cancel the appointment. This is to avoid “no shows” which are very costly to the company.
Confirmed appointments that no show their appointment will be charged 50% of the subtotal for that day’s services. The company may refuse clients that have a history of late cancellations and/or no shows service. If payment declines, the customer will be required to clear any outstanding balances before being able to book another appointment.


Pricing for new customers or new pets is always an estimate. We do our best to give a good estimate based off of the information received in our first email or phone call. When our stylist sees the pets on site for the first time, the estimate can change and will be brought to the customer’s attention. Sometimes customers are unaware of the correct breed of their pet, which can result in a price change, sometimes drastically. Matting, special handling fees, additional services or weight can also affect the price of a pet. These factors may not be addressed until the stylist is on site and working with the pet. Our standard breed prices are based on the time taken to groom a well-behaved pet with a coat that is in good condition.

Payment is due when services are rendered. We do not carry cash for change. Checks will only be accepted when the service address and the check address match. A valid credit card is required to be on file for all customers. You will be prompted to sign off at the completion of each appointment. Gratuity is not included and never required but always appreciated by your stylists. You may ask to have a recurring gratuity stored on your file. If you choose to schedule services when you cannot be home, you agree to have your credit card on file processed, without an additional signature. The company always prefers to have a customer on site during grooming appointments. Pet Love does business in Texas and collects and remits sales tax as required by law.

Customer interaction

For safety reasons, customers are not allowed inside of the mobile salon. As the mobile salon is intended for one human and one pet, it is relatively small to have additional people in. Stylists tools are very expensive and sharp objects (shears, clippers, etc.) and wet surfaces from the bathtub, can make it dangerous to have customers who are not trained stylists inside of the mobile salon. Also, pets tend to be better behaved when their human parents are not within eye or ear shot.

Our stylists and team members work extremely hard, and care for each pet as if they were their own. Any abusive language or behavior towards our staff will not be tolerated.

Pet Safety and Health

We retain the right to refuse to groom any pet that we feel is a health risk or are in a substandard condition, for both the pet and stylists safety.

Disclosure of information by customer
Grooming can be stressful for a pet and infrequent grooming can be very traumatic for your pet. It is imperative that you share any known health issues, recent vet visits or history of groom issues so your stylist can watch for warning signs of trouble.
If you fail to disclose information about any allergies and/or skin conditions, Pet Love Mobile Grooming will not be held responsible for any irritation, patchiness, abrasions or hair loss that may arise due to the grooming process.
If you fail to disclose information regarding any physical and/or medical conditions (such as elbow or hip dysplasia, epilepsy, etc.), Pet Love Mobile Grooming will not be held responsible for any injury incurred during the grooming process.
We will not sedate pets and must be informed if you have given your pet any medication before our visit. This is absolutely necessary for the pet and stylist’s safety.
It is the customers responsibility to notify Pet Love Mobile Grooming of any new medical information

Your stylist may uncover evidence of a health issue while grooming your pet and will always advise you of any further recommended actions, i.e. visit to the vet, dietary requirements, etc. The client agrees that Pet Love Mobile Grooming, its owners and operators are not liable for any pre-existing conditions and problems found during grooming, and the pet owner agrees to pay for all medical treatment incurred due to such.

Pet’s lifestyles, breeds and health history will determine how often they need to be groomed. We recommend pets be groomed every 4-6 weeks. Certain elements of the grooming process such as nail trimming, ear cleaning and anal gland expression are going to vary by each individual pet.
For example, some pets need their ears cleaned every few weeks. Other pets can have their ears cleaned at grooming and be dirty again the next day. This could be due to wax production, or something preexisting like an ear infection. The company cannot take responsibility for bodily functions that vary drastically between each pet. We can only complete the standard procedures in a grooming appointment.

Completion of grooms
Pet Love Mobile Grooming will not subject any pet to unacceptable levels of stress. If during the grooming process your pet finds any part of the grooming process too stressful, that part will not be completed.
Pets that are elderly, aggressive or easily stressed may not be safe to groom. If, at any time, our stylist feels they cannot safely complete the grooming process they will return them to your care. We will not put a pet in harms way to complete a groom. Payment will be due for the portion of the groom that was completed (time involved) and a base charge such as a house call fee. Under no circumstances can we guarantee the completion of a groom. Each pet can react differently each time they are groomed. We groom each pet to the owner’s specifications, as far as the pet will tolerate and the coat condition and type allows. We will always place a pet ‘s welfare, safety and peace of mind above adherence to a particular style. In case of being unable for any reason to groom to the exact style wished by the owner, we will contact the owner and agree upon a suitable alternative style.

Your pet will not be exposed to any other animals (other than those from your residence) in our care. This limits the risk of contact illnesses. Air borne illnesses may still be present so we encourage proper vaccination whenever possible.
Should your pet bite a stylist and they require medical attention, you will be asked for a current rabies certificate on the pet. Rabies certificates are required by the state of Texas for all pet owners. The client understands that they will be held liable for all bites/injuries caused by their pet.

Matted pets
We understand pets can become matted and may require a complete shave to resume a normal grooming schedule. This should always be a last resort. Severe matting generally causes skin issues and sores that will be exposed when the coat is removed. Pet Love does not assume any liability for issues resulting from having to shave a pet down that is considered matted. Further, we reserve the right to determine when a matted coat may be de-matted. Brushing through matted hair can be very painful to your pet, as well as time consuming resulting in additional fees.  It is the owner’s duty to maintain their pet’s coat between professional grooms and we are always more than happy to show you how to look after your pet’s coat. As the pet’s owner you agree that Pet Love Mobile Grooming shall not be held liable for any cuts/nicks/grazes or any post groom effects caused whilst removing a matted/neglected coat. These effects may include, but are not limited to the following; itchiness, skin redness, or self-inflicted irritations/abrasions from excessive rubbing, licking or scratching.

Shaving pets
We understand that each owner has a unique lifestyle and may choose to keep their pet’s coat at a length that is best for their home. We can shave a pet down, if requested, which may drastically change your pets appearance, as their hair will be short and close to the skin. Some breeds will change color when the topcoat is removed. Some pets coat may not grow back the same color, texture or fullness after being shaved short.

Elderly pets
Pets that have not been groomed until the later years of their lives are at even higher risk for injury during the grooming process due to their unfamiliarity and stress levels for new environments. You should not expect a “show level” groom on an elderly pet but rather what we call a “comfort groom” (i.e. shaving instead of de-matting, or short one length all over so grooming can be less frequent). While we will make every effort to keep every pet comfortable, elderly pets will be allowed to sit and lay down which will make the groom process more difficult and can cause uneven hair lengths. When elderly pets become stressed or uncomfortable we will return them to the pet owner in an attempt to reasonably avoid injuries.

Puppies and Kittens
The younger you can start regular grooming, the more confident your pet will be in the process. However, less than 6 weeks is considered too young to be professionally bathed and less than 12 weeks is considered too young to cut the pets hair for the first time. Cutting the hair too young can result in permanent color and/or texture change of the pet’s coat.

Pregnant Pets

Pregnant pets can be groomed with permission from the pet parent however, the company recommends only grooming in the early stages of pregnancy, unless the pet is extremely accustomed to the process. Pets that recently delivered should wait one full week before grooming.

Preexisting injuries

Pets with stitches will not be accepted, as stitches and sutures should not get wet.
Pets with preexisting injuries will have to be reviewed with the stylist before we can accept them into a grooming appointment. If the injury could worsen during the grooming, we will not accept the pet into grooming. The company might ask the customer to seek permission from a licensed veterinarian before accepting the pet for grooming. This is for the pet’s own safety.

Aggressive pets

While we have a great deal of experience and success in the grooming of difficult pets, we reserve the right to halt the grooming process should a pet become aggressive to the point of being a danger to the stylist or to his or herself. Full or part of the grooming charge may apply.

Products and Services

All products used (including all shampoos, conditioners, colognes, etc.) are specifically formulated for pets and as such, Pet Love Mobile Grooming cannot be held responsible should any adverse/allergic reactions occur to the pet. We carry MSDS sheets on board all of our mobile salons for all of the products we carry.


Pet Love does not offer veterinary services and any advice given by company representatives should be verified with a licensed veterinarian.

Flea and tick treatment
We can offer basic flea and tick treatments at your grooming appointment. Flea shampoo can be used to kill the fleas and ticks that are currently on the pet. Flea shampoo has absolutely no preventative power. If the customers yard, home, pet beds, collars, etc. are not treated, you will not see a reduction in fleas. All we can assist with are fleas that are currently on the pet. Preventatives need to be prescribed by your veterinarian.


Under no circumstances will Pet Love sedate a pet, as we are not licensed veterinarians. If you have chosen to attempt to sedate your pet you must notify Pet Love and your stylist before your pets grooming appointment begins. The company reserves the right to refuse service to a pet under sedation.


All our stylists are employees of the company with Non-Disclosure Agreements on file. Our company will retain only the necessary information to complete a grooming appointment. Your information will not be shared, sold or used for advertisements under any circumstances.

Please make sure you have read our privacy policy.

Photos of your pet taken during the grooming appointment are stored in our database. These photos are to show current condition, health concerns or a haircut you prefer, and will be stored on your file. Should an injury occur, these pictures help us understand the beginning condition of the coat, the nails, or any health ailments with the pet to determine why this injury happened. In the case of an injury, the company reserves the right to share these photos with the appropriate parties, including but not limited to, the overseeing veterinarian’s office.

We may also choose to use photos of your pet on our website or social media sites, as also defined in our privacy policy.

After appointments

Limit of liability
Once you sign off on a grooming appointment, it is complete. We cannot be responsible for what a pet might come in contact with after their grooming appointment. Many pets want to go roll in the yard, but that does not mean they were not clean at the completion of our appointment with them.
We need to be notified of any concerns within 24 hours. If you will personally not see your pet within 24 hours following the appointment, be sure the pet’s caregiver signing off on the appointment knows what to look for.

Suspected Injury
Working with live pets and sharp instruments occasionally leads to an unexpected injury. Getting a pet proper veterinary care, if needed, is our first concern. If you believe that a pet has been injured due to the grooming process you must seek veterinary advice and contact the company within 24 hours. We will require a full written veterinary report stating the cause of injury being specific to the grooming process for us to accept any liability or negligence.
The most common issue is too short of a nail trim, which is more probable for a pet whose nails are very long and not regularly maintained. We will take off as much nail as we can and want to avoid the quick (vein) inside the nail whenever possible. A “quicked” nail will bleed but can easily be remedied at home or by the stylist.
If an injury was unavoidable due to the pets matted coat, we expect the owner to take care of the additional costs as a risk of allowing the pet to become matted.

Animal abuse in the state of Texas
The company reserves the right to contact animal control or local authorities if we believe a customers pet is in a situation of animal cruelty or hoarding. Please see our privacy policy.

If, after the groom is complete, there is anything about the groom that you would like altered, please advise your stylist before they leave site. We are never offended by timely requests to make minor changes, so please ask.
Within a 24-hour window from the completion of an appointment, if it has not met your satisfaction, please contact our office about scheduling a “re-groom” appointment. If we believe our stylist adequately followed the original instructions given, there may be additional fees for a “re-groom’” appointment.
After 24 hours of completion of an appointment, if you wish to have a stylist return to site, there will be additional fees.

Our website

These terms of service constitute your service agreements with Pet Love Mobile Grooming. By accessing and using our website, you, the customer, represent that you have the right, authority and capacity to enter into the agreement and to abide by the terms of service set forth. You must be 18 years or older to access or use this site and accept this agreement. The company reserves the right to update the terms of service as necessary and recommends you review these terms carefully and periodically.

By clicking “sign in”, “create account” or “confirm appointment” and entering or otherwise using our website, you agree to and accept these terms and conditions.

Privacy Policy

Please review our Privacy Policy, to understand our practices and your rights.

Electronic Communications

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A Pet Love Account is not required for an appointment with the company.

Pet Love retains the right to terminate your account at any time, for any reason.

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