Pet Love Terms & Conditions


We strive to be on time and appreciate your assistance keeping us on time as well. As we are mobile and working with live animals, weather and traffic, all appointment times are an estimate and are plus or minus a 45 minute window. We cannot guarantee appointment times under any circumstances. This travel window is to allow our stylist an extra few minutes finishing an elderly pet, a nervous pet, accommodating traffic incidents, weather patterns, etc. We request the client be available for this window and are always willing to provide a call on the way to give you an estimated arrival time. We request clients be home and prepared to collect the pet for grooming to minimize delays. If we cannot contact you when we arrive on site, we can only wait 15 minutes before moving to our next appointment, to maintain a timely schedule. If we are running beyond our window we will do our best to keep you informed and offer other solutions to meet your timing needs. Please allow anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours to groom each of your pets depending on size and coat thickness. We request you are available to collect the pet after our visit or have provided necessary instructions for the collection of the pet to avoid delays to our next appointment. If we cannot make immediate contact with you at the conclusion of an appointment, we will have to charge $1/minute for babysitting fees (after a ten minute window) to maintain as timely a schedule as possible.

We ask all clients to provide a window of at least four hours, should you need to reschedule an appointment, to avoid a minimal cancellation fee. A voicemail message after phone hours is sufficient, should an emergency arise.

Pet Safety and Health

Grooming can be stressful for a pet and infrequent grooming can be very traumatic for your pet. It is imperative that you share any known health issues, recent vet visits or history of groom issues so your stylist can watch for warning signs of trouble. We will not sedate pets and must be informed if you have given your pet any medication before our visit. Your pet should be well hydrated and have had an opportunity to relive itself before being asked to stand for grooming.

Your pet will not be exposed to other any animals (other than those from your residence) in our care. This limits the risk of contact illnesses. Air borne illnesses may still be present so we encourage proper vaccination whenever possible. Should your pet bite a stylist and they require medical attention you will be asked for a current rabies certificate on the pet. Rabies certificates are required by the state for all pet owners.

Pets that are elderly, aggressive or easily stressed pets may not be safe to groom. If, at any time, our stylist feels they cannot safely complete the grooming process they will return them to your care. We will not put a pet in harms way to complete a groom. Payment will be due for the trip charge and the portion of the groom that was able to be completed. Under no circumstances can we guarantee the completion of a groom. Each pet can react differently each time they are groomed.

We maintain the right to refuse to groom any pet that we feel is a health risk or is in a substandard condition. We understand pets can become matted and may require a complete shave to resume a normal grooming schedule. This should always be a last resort. Severe matting generally causes skin issues and sores that will be exposed when the coat is removed. Pet Love does not assume any liability for issues resulting from having to shave a pet down that is considered matted. Further, we reserve the right to determine when a matted coat may be de-matted. Brushing through matts can be painful to your pet, as well as time consuming resulting in additional fees.

We understand that each owner has a unique lifestyle and may choose to keep their pet’s coat at a length that is best for their home. We can shave a pet down, if requested, which may dramatically change your dog’s appearance as their hair will be short and close to the skin. Some breeds will change color when the top coat is removed. Some pets coat may not grow back the same color, texture or fullness after being shaved short.


All of our stylists are employees of the company with NDA’s on file. Our company will retain only the necessary information to complete a grooming appointment. Your information will not be shared, sold or used for advertisements under any circumstances.

Photos of your pet taken during the grooming appointment are communicated from stylist to support staff through intraoffice communications. These photos are to show current condition, health concerns or a haircut you prefer, and will be stored on your file. Should an injury occur, these pictures help us understand the beginning condition of the coat, the nails, or any health ailments with the pet to determine why this injury happened. In the case of an injury, the company reserves the right to share these photos with the appropriate parties, including but not limited to, the overseeing veterinarian’s office. These photos will not be used in advertisements without explicit permission from the customer.

Safety and Injuries

For safety reasons, customers are not allowed inside of the mobile salon without signing our liability waiver. As the salon is intended for one human and one pet, it is relatively small to have additional people in. Stylists tools are very expensive and sharp objects (shears, clippers, etc) and wet surfaces from the bath tub, can make it dangerous to have customers who are not trained stylists inside of the van. Also, pets tend to be better behaved when their human parents are not inside the van with them.

Working with live pets and sharp instruments occasionally leads to an unexpected injury. Getting a pet proper veterinary care if needed is our first concern. The most common issue is too short of a nail trim which is more probable for a pet whose nails are very long. We will take off as much nail as we can and want to avoid the quick (vein) inside the nail whenever possible. A “quicked” nail will bleed but can easily be remedied at home or by the stylist. If an injury was unavoidable due to matted coat condition we expect the owner to take care of the additional costs as a risk of allowing the pet to become matted. In other situations, we will assist with the required veterinary costs related to the injury.

Pricing and Payment

Pricing for new customers or new pets are always an estimate. We do our best to give a good estimate based off of the information received in our first email or phone call. When our stylist see the pets or customer on site for the first time, the estimate can change. Sometimes customers are unaware of the correct breed of their pet, which can result in a price change. Matting, special handling fees, additional services or weight can also affect the price of a pet. These factors may not be addressed until the stylist is on site and working with the pet.

Payment is due when services are rendered. We do not carry cash for change and may require a signature on site. Checks will only be accepted when the service address and the check address match. A credit card is required to be on file for new customers. Gratuity is not included in the subtotal and always optional.