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Pet Love Featured on Good Morning Texas

January 5, 2018 – Dallas, TX: Pet Love Mobile Grooming was featured on WFAA TV’s Good Morning Texas this week! CLICK HERE or on one of the images below to watch the full video.

Getting Your Pet Ready for Grooming

Grooming your pet regularly is an integral part of maintaining his health and happiness. Pet grooming, such as haircuts, nail trims, and baths, will become much easier for your pet if it is done often, and on a regular schedule. Here are some tips on how to get your pet ready for grooming. Calming your […]

Diseases Spread Through Dog Waste

While owning a dog brings love and joy into your family’s home, their waste can spread disease. Going to the dog park or visiting a friend’s yard can bring your pup into harm’s way, as dogs love to sniff and roll in dog waste. Keeping your yard clean with a dog poop service in Dallas […]

Dog Care: How to Wash Your Dog’s Paws

A clean dog is a happy dog. Regular visits with a pet grooming business in Dallas will help you to keep your dog’s paws clean. Watch this video to learn how to wash your dog’s paws. When washing your dog’s paws, use a shampoo that helps fight odor. Lift your dog’s front paws and keeping […]

Taking Care of Your Dog’s Skin

People are not the only beings to have skin issues; dogs get them too. Pet grooming in Dallas is a great way to help your dog’s skin stay healthy, but, if you are at home and need a quick remedy here are a few to try. You can apply vitamin E directly to your dog’s […]