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Happy (Healthy) Cat Month – September

When is the last time you thought “is my cat happy?” Most people are under the impression that cats are self-sufficient and don’t need much to be content. This is not the case. Cats are social animals that need just about the same amount of attention as dogs. They show appreciation differently and the attention […]

Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs – August 1st

Did you know August 1st is the Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs? If you’ve ever walked through a shelter, you’ve seen the sad looks on the faces of those precious pups. Shelter dogs do not always come with a lot of history, so their date of birth is often unknown. Veterinarians are able to estimate […]

National Pet Fire Safety Day – July 15th

Did you know around 40,000 pets die in house fires every year? Pets start around 1,000 home fires per year. These stats are astounding and can be brought down by being proactive. Some helpful tips to promote pet fire safety in the home include: Never leave pets alone around an open flame. Avoid lit candles […]

Does Shaving Your Pet Help Keep Them Cool in the Summer?

Summer is here and so is the Texas HEAT! Caring pet parents want what’s pets for their fur babies. Shaving pets to keep cool during the summer seems like common sense. When humans get hot, we take off layers of clothing, the same concept should go for animals too, right? Not exactly. Pets have a […]

Pet Love -Rescue and Response Partnership

Animal Investigation & Response reached out to us to help with one of their biggest cases to date. They encountered an animal cruelty situation where they rescued 89 animals. The living conditions in which they were found were as awful as you can imagine. When A.I.R. asked if we could volunteer our services, we didn’t […]