Getting Your Pet Ready for Grooming

Grooming your pet regularly is an integral part of maintaining his health and happiness. Pet grooming, such as haircuts, nail trims, and baths, will become much easier for your pet if it is done often, and on a regular schedule. Here are some tips on how to get your pet ready for grooming.

Calming your pet

Your dog or cat’s first visit to a groomer will be much easier if you get your pet used to the procedures and treatments he’ll receive during grooming. When your pet is already calm, place him on a table and gently handle his face, ears, and feet. If this process is regularly repeated, your pet will become accustomed to the treatment, and may even find it calming.

Preparing Him for a Nail Trim

Many pets don’t like having their paws handled. Nail trims are very important for dogs and cats, as long nails can cause pain and discomfort when they walk. A few times a day, put your pet on a table and pick up one paw at a time, mimicking the motions that a groomer would use to trim their nails. If you have nail clippers at home, gently touch them to your pet’s nails while holding his paw in your hand. Offer treats as a reward during this procedure.

Investigate Mobile Grooming Salons

Mobile grooming salons are often less traumatic for pets, as your pet will not have to ride in the car to a groomer. A mobile pet grooming service will come to your home and groom your pet in a safe, climate-controlled environment. This eliminates the stress of taking your pet out of your home and into an unfamiliar environment.

If you’re interested in mobile pet grooming in Dallas, check out our Pet Love mobile grooming service at EZ Pet Care. We offer many affordable grooming packages for your pets that include hair cuts, nail trims, baths, teeth cleaning, and ear cleaning. Visit our website or call us today at (469) 729-4725 for more information.

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