Why It’s Important to Cut Your Dog’s Nails

Sure, your dog may give you sad eyes when it is time to cut his or her nails, but cutting your dog’s nails is important for their health. No one likes to see their dog scared or unhappy, but part of being a good dog owner one is keeping their dog’s nails at an appropriate length. If you have a hard time looking into those big, cute, eyes, hiring a pet grooming service in Dallas is a great way to help you and your pet feel comfortable with the process. Read on to learn why it is so important to cut your dog’s nails.

Promotes Balance

When your dog’s nails are too long, it can hurt their balance. Proper trimming of a dog’s nails allows him or her to gain correct posture and better balance. The older your dog gets the more important appropriate nail length is. If you do not like to personally trim your pup’s nails, feel free to hire someone specialized in pet nail trimming.

Promotes Comfort

If your dog’s nails become too long, they can be painful. Nails left to grow long will curl underneath the paw can eventually begin to push into your dog’s paw pad. Also, Dogs walk on their toes. If their nails are too long then they will be forced to place their weight elsewhere and this can have long term effects on their muscles and joints.

Promotes Health

If your dog’s nails grow to be too long, they can easily get caught on materials around your home. When this happens your dog’s chances of becoming injured increase. Being caught in fabric can cause your dogs to hurt themselves as they try to get unstuck. Keeping short nails can help prevent this from ever being an issue.
If you want to help your dog stay healthy, contact EZ Petcare to learn about our pet nail trimming and grooming services. You can call our expert staff at (888) 613-1320 to learn how we can make the nail trimming process enjoyable for your furry friend.

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