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Grooming Senior Pets

We can’t image life without our senior dogs. But, as they age, they might be a little more achy or fearful– and it can be more difficult for them to go outside your home. Senior pets need special attention and patience during their groom. Our stylists are trained on how to properly hold, bathe, and […]

Doggie Dental Health

Keeping your dog’s teeth and gums healthy can prolong his life and freshen his breath. If you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, undertaking a complicated task like brushing your dog’s teeth yourself can be a risky endeavor. You need a special toothbrush and toothpaste, and you need to know the right brushing technique, as well as how to look out for signs of dental decay and oral disorders.
Rather than risk injury to yourself or your dog, it is wise to consult a professional dog grooming service, as many of them offer grooming packages that include a good tooth brushing for your dog. Mobile pet grooming services are also available, and bring professional groomers right to your home, allowing you more free time to play with your dog rather than play tug of war with a toothbrush.

Why It’s Important to Cut Your Dog’s Nails

Sure, your dog may give you sad eyes when it is time to cut his or her nails, but cutting your dog’s nails is important for their health. No one likes to see their dog scared or unhappy, but part of being a good dog owner one is keeping their dog’s nails at an appropriate […]

Getting Your Pet Ready for Grooming

Grooming your pet regularly is an integral part of maintaining his health and happiness. Pet grooming, such as haircuts, nail trims, and baths, will become much easier for your pet if it is done often, and on a regular schedule. Here are some tips on how to get your pet ready for grooming. Calming your […]

Dog Care: How to Wash Your Dog’s Paws

A clean dog is a happy dog. Regular visits with a pet grooming business in Dallas will help you to keep your dog’s paws clean. Watch this video to learn how to wash your dog’s paws. When washing your dog’s paws, use a shampoo that helps fight odor. Lift your dog’s front paws and keeping […]